Kate Bickford

YES you can! If you have thought about starting up your own business and don't know where to start or need some help achieving your dreams, you're in the right place. As a business development mentor I can help you replicate the success that I have seen in my own career.


Who is The Home Business Mentor?

Kate Bickford, The Home Business Mentor

Kate Bickford, The Home Business Mentor

My Name is Kate Bickford and I worked in news at the BBC. I absolutely loved my job and never thought I would do anything else.

I found as the children got older I always seemed to be more at work than at home. And working in news as a freelancer, if I didn't work, I didn't get paid.

I really wasn't looking for anything else, however my income was becoming increasingly unpredictable. I initially said 'No' to Forever Living but I decided to look into it in more detail10 months after using a couple of the products. I was incredibly sceptical if truth be told and I thought my research was going to result in me going back to the BBC with a story ... and not in a good way. Instead I found my solution.

Now 10 years on I do not do anything else. I'm not the package holiday kind of girl, I want adventures. My husband and I are walking to Base Camp Everest in Oct/Nov 2018 and once he retires we will do a lot more travelling. I will never stop building my Forever business because I love it and as I work alongside a global company I can build a business wherever we travel to. I now have parters in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, St Lucia, and Kenya. I'm actively looking at starting in India because this is one of the places I want to be every year for the month of January when the weather in the UK is miserable.

I'm more excited about my business now and how it can impact on peoples' lives than I was 10 years ago, because I've experienced first hand the power of Network Marketing.