Where do you start?

You have to start with something you are passionate about. Running a business is hard work and demands long hours, especially at the beginning, when you may also have a full time job. Be prepared to put in the effort and battle through the setbacks.

Talk to people who have done something similar.  You will have people in your network who can help - listen and learn from their mistakes.  Look at your market, is there a need for what you are going to do? Do your research before committing to a business. 


What are the benefits of working from home?

  • Low cost start - No rent or rates
  • Tax benefits - claiming portion of house bills
  • No commute- saving time and money
  • No childcare costs
  • When kids are school age you can be there at drop of and pick up
  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Less Stress
  • More time
  • Keep your job so whilst building the business you have an income.
  • Ability to go part time with the job when the business brings in more money
  • Control of income and career
  • Grow at your own pace
  • You create your own environment
  • Children growing up and seeing a work ethic
  • No new equipment needed
  • You keep more of your profits
  • Personal development - Learning new skills