I would really like to thank Kate Bickford for introducing an awesome business opportunity to me in late 2014 which really changed my life. I was a bit skeptical as I ran my own business and didn’t really understand this new business model. However, when she explained and I did my own research I found this business was very simple and within a few months I started making around $ 1000 while working part time alongside my other business. I wish I had known about this 10 years ago but everything has its time. I would like to recommend the business opportunity of Kate for the people who are struggling in business or jobs. Just be open when looking at the information. It may not be the right vehicle for them but they’ll never know unless they take a look. She is a great leader, ethical professional, a true friend and an awesome person. Book an appointment with her and see how she will change your life too.
— Shehzad S. Qureshi - ENTREPRENEUR & INVESTOR

I have known Kate for about 5 years after she recommended products to help and improve the mobility and performance level issues I had. The products Kate recommended made a significant improvement to my every-day mobility and well-being, which enabled me to carry out my very physical and stressful work as an event planner and caterer, with renewed vigor! 
At then end of 2014 after a successful 9 day programme using her recommended products, which not only improved my physical appearance but also my energy levels, I was ready to look at the company Kate is so passionate about.
Since recently joining Forever Living at the beginning of 2015 and under the superb guidance and mentoring from Kate, I can truly say that the career and life enhancing opportunities that have been presented to me, are achievable, thanks to the passionate and professional support from Kate. As a business woman I highly recommend Kate for mentoring and coaching to improve your business and lifestyle goals.
— Kaye Thompson - Business mentor and lifestyle coach at Life-Style Choices

Kate is just what you need to brighten your day. She is a joy to work with, full of drive and energy and has a very positive “can do” attitude. She is also determined and resourceful and has an ability to bring people together.
— Dominik Holyer

Kate’s products are exceptional and helped me and my family recover much quicker than we might have. However, Kate’s passion really lies in the business opportunity that she is able to offer. She is fun, bubbly, full of life but remains focussed and is very ambitious.
— Sarah Fitzgerald