Have you ever done a dream book? I know the answer is probably ‘No”. Like me you probably thought they were complete bunkum.

I’ve changed my mind and now have my own dream book. I’m also getting a group of like minded people around to my house on 22nd October to put together their own dream books. So why the massive change, simple, it works.

The picture you can see is my house in Cornwall which on the outside is stunning but inside needs a shed load of work. This is being turned into the most spectacular wedding venue, and we will be ready for bookings in 2020. It seems surreal but it’s happening. I wanted a renovation project, so as they say be careful what you wish for!

In the meantime it’s on Creative England as a film location and as the work progresses the pictures will be updated.

So get some magazines, supplements and regress to your 10 year old self and do some cutting and sticking.

The Crag - Side elevation A.png
Kate Bickford