Why planning for 2018 NOW is the key to a successful new year

We are in the final quarter of 2017

So, how are you doing? Are you doing all the things you promised yourself you would do at the beginning of the year?

This was the year you were going to ....... (you fill in the blanks)

This was to be your best year yet.

Don't delay any more.

NOW is the time to step up and make that happen in every aspect

Don't let another month of not being the best you, slip away

Get passionate

Passion is energy

Energy makes action

Action builds momentum

Momentum brings results

Results = success

I know what you're thinking.  "It's the end of the year, Christmas is nearly here, there's no point starting now, I'll wait until January"

Two words "STOP IT."  How you end this year will be how you start next year.  Work now and the momentum that builds will mean you start January 2018 in a much stronger position.  Whatever business you are in has a lead in time. I'm sure you don't do some work/meet some people/make some connections and hey presto the work and cash comes flooding in.  Do the work now you'll see the results next year.  Don't stop now, you have 9 weeks until Christmas, make the most of them.

What were those goals again? Get fit? Lose weight? Slim down? Shape up? Move jobs? Find a new opportunity? Work from home? Get rid of that toxic relationship? Start paying those debts off? Tell someone you care? Tell someone you don't? Buy a new car? Get a deposit for a new home? Be a better wife/husband? Be a better Mum/Dad? Be a better son/daughter? Be a better boss/employee? Start running? Eat healthy? Use that gym membership you pay every month for? Hire a personal trainer? Get a mentor?

No more excuses, just do it.

Kate Bickford