Do you want a pay rise?

Do you want a pay rise or to have more money?

Do you want a pay rise or to have more money?

In the news this week there is a lot of talk about the Public Sector pay cap. Public sector pay was frozen for two years in 2010, except for those earning less than £21,000 a year, and since 2013, rises have been capped at 1% - below the rate of inflation.

The speculation this week suggests the pay cap will be lifted for certain sections of the public sector. So since 2010 - that's seven years - these people have had no pay rise, or a pay rise that has been negligible.

Winning pay rises, regardless of your job, is difficult and time consuming. And although the figures involved may be significant to the individual, in the grand scheme of things, are often not huge sums.

Take for example the growing number of people with a home-based business.  I'm regularly working with people who earn between £200 - £400 every MONTH alongside a full time job, which equates to £2,400 - £4,800 per year EXTRA income. Would you like a £2,000 - £5,000 pay rise?  What would this do for your family?  It could help pay the increasing bills or pay off a credit card quicker or pay for a family holiday.

Alongside this uplift, having a home based business means people can claim for a percentage of their gas and electric bills, their car, etc which will again make them better off.  While I'm on the subject of energy, companies make a big deal of switching utility companies to save money. What is the saving? Maybe, £100 - £300 per YEAR. Really! That wouldn't even pay for my coffee habit. Yet people spend hours on comparison sites trying to trim their supplier bills when they could be using the time far more effectively.

Is it easy, working full time and having a home based business?  No. Is it simple? Yes. It takes work and effort, but the individual is in control of what they do. If you want to earn more then you do more. There is also full support and training in the best of these companies.

So instead of giving away your power to an employer, take control and do something about it.  Find something you can be passionate about and someone who will help you, and then whether you get a pay rise or not will make absolutely no difference to your life.  But your home based business will.

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