DECLUTTER your life

You may be surprised to learn that clutter in and around your home can have detrimental consequences on your wellbeing.  A study carried out by a PhD professor from Indiana University found that those with clean and tidy homes were healthier than those with messy abodes, and in 2011, researchers at Princeton University concluded that clutter can cause people to work inefficiently distracting them from a completely unrelated task.  While we may all be guilty of accumulating unnecessary possessions, the negative emotions that result from the clutter is not a punishment you deserve to endure so it's time to take control - simply approach decluttering pragmatically, one room and one cupboard at a time.

DITCH Social Media

It's easy to obsess over the lives of other people, and it's easy to fixate on your own social presence, but social media is ultimately a facade.  It presents a created and manipulated world that can cause insecurities in normal but fabulous people.  It's a dangerous tool that can cause others to feel inferior, uninteresting and unsuccessful, and the Royal Society of Public Health has linked it to increased rates of anxiety and depression.  Whether you're a snooper who lives in the social shadows or a frequent poster who lives in the social spotlight, try taking a break for a few weeks and monitor your wellbeing - you may be pleasantly surprised.

DO WHAT Matters most

How often do you take the time to stop and think about your priorities?  Have you good friends you've not seen in ages?  When was the last time you phoned your mother for an agenda-free chat? Do you spend your weekends running around ticking off chores or do you spend quality time with your partner creating memories? Life is far too short to let pass by, so sometimes it's a good idea to stop and re-evaluate what you want to assign your time to.  Keep work within its set hours and keep technological distractions to a minimum in favour of embracing time to explore the great outdoors with the friends and family who matter most.

ENJOY THE Little things

It's so easy to rush the little things in life that bring joy, and it's even easier to take them for granted, but taking the time to appreciate small moments will help shape you into a positive person that sees the good and embraces opportunity.  Whether it's a cup of cocoa, a lovingly prepared meal, a sunny day or a lazy morning, regularly feeling thankful for such instances will uplift your overall wellbeing, causing other stresses to fade into the background.

Kate Bickford