A business that's misunderstood

A business that works anywhere. Network Marketing isn’t for everybody, nothing is for everybody, but it does work, if people work, and is right for some.

I’d never heard of Network Marketing until I looked, with a very skeptical head, at the company I now work alongside.

It’s worth not millions, but billions of pounds globally. Why? Because it’s so much more cost effective for a company. Rather than expensive premises and staff they have partners who do the sharing, recommending, marketing and retailing with no overheads … have you seen what’s happening in retail?

It is an increasingly popular way to start a business because it costs under £200 to start. This is the figure from the https://www.dsa.org/ the industries governing body. Like most industries, we are regulated.

I came across this video from 2016 explaining my thought process and how I overcame my misunderstanding of the business model. It still has its detractors, many of them, but most people don’t delve into the detail, they dismiss it as ‘one of those things’ but I love this industry. It has enabled people all over the world to do something for themselves. It might be a little extra income or it might be more. It might not be money, but a sense of belonging, of making a difference. It might be for self development, for fun, there are all sorts of reasons why people start with a company. Financially, this business truly rewards people for the effort they put in. If you want more, work harder, it’s very simple. Get more products into the hands of retailers yourself and also show any team members who want to progress, how to do the same.

If you are going to look at it, think about what you are interested in, for me it was health and wellness, something that everybody wants, globally.

Look at the sector - is there a need for the product or service ?

Look at the geography - If you moved, can your business travel with you?

Is it international? Can you have a business in other countries?

Will you use the products or the service yourself? - you cannot, hand on heart, recommend something if you do not use it.

Will the company buy back any products if you decide to quit? I don’t understand why people quit, but it happens - too much.

What is the support and training like? Is your hand held while you learn?

Can you overtake your Manager if you work harder? This is crucial, do not join any company that will not allow you to have a bigger business than the person you joined.

Can you truly be passionate about your company? - If the answer is yes, then you may have found yourself a business.

Kate Bickford